Ear mites tend to be very irritating especially when they infect pets such as cats or dogs. By getting more information about these parasites, one can be able to know how to effectively treat such a condition. Cynotes is the most common mite that affects most cats and dogs. When they get into a pet's ear, they feed off the wax and oil as well in the canal which causes a lot of inflammation on the inside of your pet's ear. These pests tend to multiply very fast which is why early detection and treatment is advisable.

One of the main symptoms that one observes with their pet when they have ear mites is constant scratching of their ears. Once you see them do this, one should grab a flashlight and look into their ears for any sign of these mites. Once you shine light on your pet's ear, the parasites tend to scurry around since they prefer darkness. If at all you see any residue on the pet's ear that looks like ground coffee and exhibits a foul smell, then one should take action immediately.

Ear mites in dogs are usually very infectious hence one should treat their pets early enough. However, these mites do not survive in human bodies since we make poor hosts hence one is safe from infection by these mites. Taking your cat or dog to the veteran at the first sign of infection is the most appropriate course of action to take. Here, the vet will advise you on the right treatment to use on your pet according to the state of the infection. The vet will cleanse your pet's ears and place the necessary medication on the inside of the ear.

If at all the stage of the infection is advanced, the professional will recommend you the right antibiotics to administer to your pet or ear drops as well.

In order to get rid of the parasites early enough, one should effect a treatment plan for at least a month. These mites usually have a three week breeding cycle hence treating them over a month will interfere with it and kill them.

If the condition persists without administering any form of treatment from ear mites in dogs to your cat or dog, it might potentially lose its hearing. In addition to taking your pet to the vet, one can use natural home remedies to get rid of these pests. Using olive oil and vitamin E capsules will help with the situation.